Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April’s Random Thoughts

My thoughts may be random at times, but not as random as the assortment of emails that fill my spam box on a daily basis. I’m currently being offered fat-busting pills, youth serum, collagen injections, electronic cigarettes, laser eye surgery, Viagra, debt advice, accident compensation, PPI advice and the chance to become a plumber or electrician! How strange my life would be if I needed all of those!

How much chocolate qualifies as triple choc?
With the British weather becoming increasingly erratic, and not strictly sticking to what we would consider the appropriate seasons, perhaps it’s time that clothes retailers became a bit more flexible with their stock. Strappy T-shirts and thermal gloves side-by-side, why not?

I find it really annoying when I’m out shopping, browsing the shelves and I suddenly hear someone behind me sighing loudly or ‘huffing and puffing’. For goodness sake, if I’m in the way just say, “Excuse me please” and I will move!

I may be a fan of recycling, but not when it comes to TV programmes. I’m fed up with shows that dedicate whole episodes (or even a spin-off series) to showing clips of past programmes, with just a hint of original dialogue thrown in!

If McVities Double Chocolate Digestives contain chocolate digestive biscuit and chocolate chips and chocolate coating, then shouldn’t they be called Triple Chocolate Digestives?

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