Monday, 22 April 2013

Have Clothing Sizes Gone Mad?

When buying clothes, finding your size isn’t necessarily as easy as identifying a number on a label and discovering the perfect fit.

I’m sure many of you have ventured into a changing room armed with garments that you believe to be your size, only to find they all fit differently. I know I have. My wardrobe currently contains clothing that spans three different sizes – all of which fit!

It wouldn’t be as bad if each retailer was at least consistent within their own lines – for example I know to buy a size larger in tops in Matalan if I don’t want too tight a fit – but sizing inconsistencies within a single range or store can be maddening.

How many garments do I need to take into a changing room to ensure I’ll find a size to fit? On one ‘trying on’ session during a shopping trip in Tesco I took three different tops in to the changing room, in three different sizes, then ended up buying different sizes in the different styles!

But my most annoying sizing scenario to date has been in my attempt to buy some new jeans. Last year I ordered two lovely pairs from K&Co, both of which were (and still are) a lovely, comfy, flattering fit. So I thought I would order some more the same – oh how disillusioned I was!

The first pair, from their South range, which I ordered in the same size as before, but a different colour, were far too tight – I couldn’t quite do them up. I thought this was merely a blip and hoped that when the other pair arrived they would be better.

The second pair was from the Confident Curves range, which I’d found very comfy. This time however, despite ordering the same size as my first purchase of these jeans, I couldn’t even get them over my thighs! I’m sure that even if I’d ordered the next size up they would still not have fitted properly.

The whole issue of clothing sizes has become absolutely ridiculous. If you can’t even guarantee that two identical items in the same size will give the same fit, then how can we believe the labels at all?

It’s high time clothing manufacturers and retailers aimed for more standardisation of sizes.

What do you think?

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