Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Products For A Pound

Those of you who have been reading my blog from the early days may remember that I admitted to not being a big fan of Poundland. That was until I braved a branch and discovered the amazing £1 shower curtain.

Six months down the line said shower curtain is still going strong, unlike its more expensive predecessor that ripped around the eyelet holes. I love its cheerful raindrop design and still rate it as one of my best buys.

Now I’ve been tempted back to Poundland, as a new branch has recently opened in my local shopping centre, which is brighter, more cheerful and much more organised than other branches I’ve seen – and in a much better state of repair too.

One of my most recent Poundland finds is Thirsty Bubbles Kitchen roll – a triple pack of kitchen roll that I prefer to the budget supermarket brands. Their packs of ‘metallic’ gift bags are also a great buy (packs of 2 or 3 depending on bag size), as they appear identical to those sold in many card and gift shops for at least £2 per bag! 

I’ve also noticed that some branches of Tesco have introduced a ‘pound aisle’. Best buys here include: Dr Magic Snatch-A-Dye sheets (budget version of Colour Catchers, but just as effective), Carex shower gels and creams (500ml), Kleenex Original tissue boxes and, although sold in the ‘pound aisle’, Wisdom Xtraclean toothpaste for just 50p!

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