Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tasty Chocolate Treats

I love a bit (OK a lot) of chocolate  – then so many of us do – so I’m always on the lookout for new products to give me my ‘chocolate fix’.

One of my latest discoveries is Cadburys Wispa Instant Hot Chocolate, which is available in 264g jars or individual one-cup sachets. Just mix with hot water for a gorgeous, frothy cup of hot chocolate, not too sweet or sickly, but very tasty. I much prefer this to Galaxy hot chocolate, which can be a little too rich.

I just couldn’t resist picking up a Nestle Yorkie Vanilla Split Pot Yogurt Dessert when I saw one (takes longer to say than to eat). This is a two-compartment dessert, one side containing a lovely, smooth vanilla yogurt, and the other little pieces of Yorkie chocolate. I loved the flavour, but was very disappointed when I opened the pot, as there seemed to be rather a shortage of chocolate pieces in my opinion. Give us more chocolate, I say.

Some of you may remember my disdain at the launch of Cadbury’s Crispello, the chocolate bar that’s designed to be resealed rather than eaten all at once. There’s something about a chocolate bar – once started it’s just crying out to be eaten. However, I find it much easier to limit individual chocolates to a few at a time, which is why I really like new Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocos, individual solid chocolate pieces (look a bit like Rolos without the filling). A pack of these provides a handy chocolate fix.

Stop Press! I’ve spotted Magnum and Cornetto chocolate treats (as opposed to the ice cream versions) in the shops, but not tried them as yet. If you have sampled them, let me know!

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