Monday, 14 January 2013

5 Ways To Cut Household Bills

With the cost of just about everything constantly rising, we all need to find ways to save money. By making a few adjustments it’s possible to reduce some of your household bills and save those vital extra pounds.

  1. Ditch your satellite/cable TV provider and opt for Freesat or Freeview instead. After the initial outlay, there are no more monthly costs to find, yet you can still receive a decent number of channels. How many channels do you pay for, but not watch anyway? I changed to Freeview four years ago (following bad service from a provider) and invested in a Humax box – I haven’t looked back. I can pause, rewind and play live TV (as with many subscription packages) and record two programmes whilst watching a third – but without the monthly fee!
  2. Pay your bills by direct debit. If you don’t do this already, arrange to pay all your bills this way, as there is often a discount awarded for this type of payment. By paying all bills monthly, you also avoid being sent a huge bill in one go.
  3. Take out a dual fuel option. Many providers offer a discount if you have both your gas and electric supplied by them as one package. Search online or get recommendations from friends to find a good deal that suits you. Never sign up with a supplier on impulse without researching the deal properly first.
  4. Watch your water consumption. With water meters very much the norm, be aware of your water usage. When we first changed to a meter our monthly payments took a sharp rise, but with careful thought we have now brought them back down to almost what they were before. To save water: collect rainwater to water plants and lawns; avoid using running water to wash vegetable, rinse dishes etc – always use a bowl of water; do not leave the tap running when cleaning your teeth; shower as routine, reserve an occasional bath as a relaxing treat; only use the washing machine with a full load.
  5. Watch your water usage
  6. Remember to use the ‘off’ switch. It may sound obvious, but it’s so easy to get into bad habits with electrical appliances, leaving them on unnecessarily. Remember to actually turn off the TV instead of leaving it on standby, which can use as much electricity as watching it. Turn off lights when leaving a room and switch off the computer/games console etc when not in use.

How do you save money on your household bills?

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