Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Orange/EE Update

I previously wrote how pleased I was with my Orange £7 monthly Dolphin SIM, providing me with 150 minutes call time, 500 texts and 250 MB internet per month. Whilst I’m still very happy with this package, I’m not so happy with the network change.

Some time ago, both Orange and T-Mobile changed to the EE network, supposedly meaning ‘Everything, Everywhere’, but I beg to differ. Far from getting an improved signal, mine appears to have diminished, cutting out completely at intervals, resulting more in ‘Extremely Erratic’.

The place where I most struggle to get a signal is in my own home. You may not consider this to be much of a problem, what with the landline to fall back on, but my daughters communicate by text whilst out and I rely on having a working phone within reach, in case of sudden joint injury to which I’m prone, due to Hypermobility Syndrome. It’s quite hard to crawl to the phone with a semi-dislocated hip!

So my hope is that the EE service will improve, otherwise it’s a case of ‘great phone package – shame about the network’.

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