Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tasty Chocs & Changing Chocs

I must admit to being somewhat partial to chocolate, (OK, slight understatement) and have sampled a fair variety (another understatement). Chocolate is a lovely treat, not only because of its heavenly taste, but also for its mood-boosting properties and health benefits (admittedly, small quantity of ‘good quality’ dark chocolate usually recommended) including lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol.

So allow me to share a little chocolate with you (metaphorically of course) …

Flavoursome Favourites
Marks and Spencer Cherry Chocolate Liqueurs, oh, heaven! Dark chocolate (health drive here I come) surrounding a whole cherry and tasty liqueur – a big favourite of mine.
Asda Chocolate Mint Thins, superior to After Eights in my book, nicer chocolate, less sickly filling and a great price – just £1!
Cadbury’s Wispa, a good chunk of chocolate that you can really get your teeth into.
Galaxy Bubbles, a somehow ‘lighter’ variety of my favourite creamy, Galaxy chocolate.

Changing Chocs
Oh dear! What has happened to Cadbury’s Heroes? They no longer contain Bourneville, Dream or Picnic varieties. In fact, when we had them at Christmas, the tin largely consisted of crème egg (yuk, a term I rarely use in conjunction with chocolate) and fudge (almost as yuk) – a real disappointment.
Terrys Chocolate Segsations, sadly the plain chocolate segment appears to have disappeared from this orange selection, although the two-tone (milk and plain chocolate) segment still exists. Don’t really like the new toffee crunch variety and the jury’s still out on the popping candy option. Personally, I preferred the original selection.

Much Missed
Milk Tray and Plain Choice Bars, bars of chocolate divided into chocolate box style pieces, my personal favourite was the lime barrel. Would love these to make a comeback.
Weekend Chocolates and Candies, a box of chocs popular in the 70s – I used to get one in my stocking each Christmas and loved them (except for the orange and lemon jellies).

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