Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Budget Bathroom Buys

Saving money is always an attractive prospect, if not a necessity, so why not swap a few of your big brand name purchases for the bathroom with some less expensive, yet great quality, products?

I love Tesco Provitamin B5 Shampoo and Conditioner, a budget buyers Pantene, each 75p for 300ml. A creamy shampoo and effective conditioner, both with a lovely scent, which leave hair soft, shiny and nourished. Different variants include those for ‘normal’ and dry hair.

Toilet rolls can get quite pricey, with supermarket offers coming and going, but I have found that Superdrug seem to constantly sell 9-roll packs of Velvet Toilet Tissue for just £2.99 (often £4 elsewhere).

Tesco Antibacterial Liquid Soap 99p for 500ml is a great, cheaper priced alternative to Carex, which can range from £1 to about £1.80 for just 250ml. The Tesco version is just as good, I believe, yet much more economical.

My husband likes to have a wet shave and is a big fan of Sainsbury’s Men’s Sensitive Shave Gel 200ml (1.15), which gives a good, clean shave with a moisturising effect. Currently on “buy 2 for £2” offer.

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