Monday, 21 January 2013

Magazines: A Couple of Newbies

Every January a new batch of special interest magazines and part-works seem to hit the shops. Some are great, whilst others leave you wondering “why?”

Magazines that I enjoy include those about knitting, crochet, cross-stitch and other crafts, which is why two of the newest publications caught my eye.

Knit & Stitch really got my attention, not just because the first issue costs just 99p (although this helps), or because it came with two balls of lovely Bergere wool, knitting needles and a DVD (though this helps too), but also because it includes several different needlecrafts – knitting, crochet, tapestry, crewelwork and felting. It’s really nice to be able to discover all these crafts in one publication and I really like the fact that the ‘magazine’ is actually a collection of cards, which you separate and file. Containing patterns and tips, this is ideal for all needlework enthusiasts and wannabes. I’m looking forward to issue 2, complete with two more balls of wool and a crochet hook, on sale 24th January.

Simply Crochet has also arrived in the shops, priced £4.99, including two handy crochet hooks. What I like about this magazine is that is has more the appearance of a book, rather than a glossy magazine, and is quite a substantial 98 page publication. With instructions and projects suitable right from beginner level, it will build into a comprehensive crochet library.

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