Thursday, 17 January 2013

January’s Random Thoughts

Easter Eggs! In the shops already! Haven’t we only just done Christmas?

Lovely, but not yet please!
Much as I’m really not a fan of Primark, I do wish other shops would adopt their practice of issuing paper ‘carrier bags’.

If you have a problem remembering a pin number or password, then concentrate on the pattern the number/word makes on the keypad/keyboard. That is often easier than remembering all the individual digits and letters.

What’s happened to the Trattoria Verdi range of pasta, tomato purée etc, which was being stocked by Tesco? The range consisted of some very good products at very reasonable prices, but I can no longer find them. Can we have them back please?

Remember how your mum always warned you about catching those dreaded ‘chills’? “Don’t do this, you’ll catch a chill!” “Don’t do that, you’ll go down with a chill!” The ‘don’t do’ list as I recall included: don’t sit on the cold pavement; don’t go out with your hair damp; don’t drink from a wet cup!!! ??? Surely a cup is wet when it’s got drink in it anyway?

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