Thursday, 24 January 2013

DS Games – Secret Files

Continuing with my review of mystery, puzzle DS games, today I’m looking at the ‘Secret Files’ series.

Secret Files: Tunguska The first of the ‘Secret Files’ games sees Nina Kalenkov embark on a journey to discover the mystery behind her father’s kidnapping. The game moves through a variety of interesting locations across the world, in which you collect objects and use them in inventive ways to reach your end goal. There were times when I got really stuck with the combining of objects, as they were not always used in the way that you would expect, sometimes involving quite a lengthy sequence of events, but the level of thought needed made the game really interesting. Hints and help functions are available if you get really stuck, but avoid using these if  you can, because you will get there in the end if you think laterally. I actually loved the challenge of this game, which kept me busy for some considerable time, and would rate it amongst my favourite DS games to date.

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis This follows a similar format but with a brand new story. This time Nina endeavours to track down an extreme secret society intent on destroying the world. I don’t know whether it was just because I’d already played the first game and was starting to see how things worked, but this seemed easier to solve and I completed it much faster. I was disappointed to reach the end so abruptly, when I felt that I should have had more left to solve. The question is if I hadn’t previously played Tunguska, would I have found this harder? I will never know.

What games would you recommend?

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