Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Azera Coffee

I find those adverts for Azera coffee really annoying. You know, the ones where a woman flutters her eyelashes at her partner telling him that ‘he knows what she wants’, resulting in said, (very good-natured, I must say) partner climbing out of bed on his quest.

He then feigns leaving the house by opening and shutting the front door, before going to the kitchen to make a cup of Azera. Why she doesn’t hear him clattering around the kitchen making the damn coffee, I don’t know. Coffee-making complete, the guy sticks his head out of the door to wet it from the rain, for that authentic ‘I’ve just been out’ look, before presenting the coffee in her ‘favourite mug’.

Yes, I do find these ads annoying, but yes, I have been tempted to buy the Azera cappuccino and latte varieties, helped by the fact that Tesco have had both of these on ‘half price offer’.

The oval boxes for these contain six sachets apiece, and normally sell for about £2.99. Just make up the sachets with hot water, adding a little milk for that ‘barista authenticity’.

There is a lovely aroma when you make these, and there is a good coffee taste without it being overpowering. The latte was not as creamy as the Nescafé Café Menu Latte, which has a milder coffee taste and costs the same price for eight sachets as opposed to six. After trying the latte, I sampled the cappuccino, but really couldn't tell that much difference between the two. The cappuccino had a slightly stronger coffee taste, but certainly wasn't as frothy as I'd expected - in fact the latte seemed to froth more.

Azera coffee isn’t bad, though not as good as I'd hoped and a bit pricey for my liking.

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