Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ready-Made Lasagne

Although most of the time I prepare meals from scratch, I sometimes buy the odd ready meal for an occasional treat, perhaps as a night off from cooking at the weekend or whilst away on a self-catering break.

However, following the horsemeat scandal, like many shoppers I have become more wary about buying certain ready meals, as you can’t always easily identify the source of origin of key ingredients. Even if you study the ingredients list on these meals carefully, there is not always a country of origin named, though you may find loose terms in use such as ‘produced in the EU’ or ‘packaged in the UK’.

This is why when I spotted Tesco Italian Classics (chilled) Beef Lasagne sporting a Union Jack symbol, accompanied by the words ‘100% British Beef’ emblazoned on the front of the packaging, I homed in on it. (It also helped that it was on half price offer, well, you know me).

At last, a ready meal that clearly states its country of origin, instead of hiding an ambiguous phrase on the back. The lasagne itself is tasty too, with a rich beefy flavour, creamy sauce and pasta that is neither too soft nor too firm. A good, filling ready meal with the assurance of British Beef.

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