Thursday, 16 May 2013

I-Spy Books

As a child I had a large collection of I-Spy books – 'Birds', 'Trees', 'Flowers', ‘In The Street’ etc, and no journey or outing was complete without taking along at least one or two of them.

There was a lot of pleasure to be had identifying and ‘ticking off’ species of wildlife, unusual objects or lesser-seen road signs. For years I treasured these little books, until I moved on to what I considered to be more ‘grown-up’ pastimes.

The original books were published first by Charles Warrell, then by the Daily Mail, but I was thrilled when I realised that Michelin had revived these little books, including many of the original titles, as well as introducing a few new ones to the collection. Eager to recapture the fun with my son, we’ve invested in ‘Birds’ and ‘At The Seaside’ and will no doubt acquire more – personally though I’m not particularly attracted to ‘Car Badges’.

Of course, like everything else, I-Spy books have had to move with the times. Amongst things to find at the seaside, for example, are ‘Alcohol Free Zone’ signs, ‘Hip Hop Drop’ rides and skateboard kites.

These handy little books provide plenty of fun for the whole family on outings and journeys, with editions aimed at specific locations now available – for example, Oxford, Edinburgh and Paris.

If you’ve never tried an I-Spy book, what are you waiting for? Go and buy one today, and have fun!

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