Friday, 24 May 2013

Change For The Worse

Change is inevitable and can sometimes bring improvement, but certain changes definitely mean a turn for the worse.

Sometimes changes to goods and services are promoted as being ‘new and improved’ or ‘updated to improve customer satisfaction’, when what is actually meant is increased costs, reduced availability or poorer service.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently become aware of some quite negative changes, which have left me feeling rather annoyed.

NatWest Bank has recently announced changes to account charges to take effect in July. Whereas many customers with arranged overdrafts were previously not charged for the first £100 ‘borrowed’, with interest charges only applied to amounts above this sum, they will now only be given a £10 interest-free amount, not only paying interest on any sum borrowed beyond this, but being charged a flat £6 fee for using their pre-arranged credit zone. I consider this rather a cheek, whilst banks continue to pay overblown salaries and bonuses to high-ranking managers etc, instead of keeping costs to customers at a minimum.

I'm glad for changes in how we dress however
Meanwhile, my local physiotherapy department, to whom I have been extremely grateful in the past six months or so, have decided to reduce the hypermobility (for information on Hypermobility Syndrome click here) class that I attend on a weekly basis, to monthly sessions. This class has not only taught me exercises to minimise the risk of dislocation and other injuries to my joints, but has provided me with ongoing support, checking my joints are really in place when I’m not sure (being unaware of joint position is part of the condition) and helping to get joints in place when they are ‘out’. I’ve been told two different reasons for this change. Firstly budget cuts (the version I believe) and secondly to improve patient care and get more patients seen. None of these arguments work with me, as in an hourly class, one trained physio can see up to 10 patients (or sometimes more), instead of just the usual one per 15 to 30 minutes, therefore being cost-effective whilst providing physio to high patient numbers.

Finally, on a lighter note, but still frustrating, my local Tesco has once again been having a bit of a change round, swapping some of the aisles with each other. Their plan may be to get customers to notice things that they don’t normally buy, whilst looking for the things that they do, but this doesn’t work with me. I’m more likely to give up searching and go somewhere that I can actually find what I want!

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