Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May’s Random Thoughts

Why is it that even if you park in a completely empty car park, you can guarantee that when you return to your vehicle, you’ll find that someone has parked right against your door?

Many of our local bus stops have recently had electronic timetable screens installed, which have now been ‘enhanced’ with spoken messages. These are great for people with poor eyesight (or the rest of us in the sunshine) who can’t read the screens, but I wish the messages were a little less irritating. “The next service is predicted to arrive in two minutes”. Predicted? That’s what they do with horoscopes and look how wrong they are!

I do enjoy the occasional McDonald’s hot apple pie as a treat, and who knows, one day I may even manage to master the art of eating one without losing half of the filling?

Random thoughts are best accompanied by random picture
I wish I could wear a pashmina with style, instead of looking like an overgrown child who has raided the dressing-up box.

Did I miss some new rules about the latest series of The Apprentice? Like contestants need to be even more of a poser, twice as dappy and bear a resemblance to a former contestant. Is it just me, or does Francesca look remarkably like the ill-fated Stella English?

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