Monday, 20 May 2013

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

When some of the more environmentally friendly cleaning products first came on the market, many seemed (to me anyway) to be somewhat less effective than their harsher, more traditional counterparts. However, as time has passed, eco-friendly products seem to have become much more effective at tackling those necessary household tasks.

I’ve recently discovered the Naturally Powered range at Tesco. The first product I tried was the concentrated lemon washing up liquid, which lathers really well, has a pleasant scent and does the job just as efficiently as many other major brands. It’s made from plant-derived ingredients and sold in a 100% recycled bottle, so whilst it may not make you feel better about doing the washing up, at least you can feel good about the reduced impact on the environment.

The range includes a number of cleaning and laundry products, the next on my list to try is the anti-bacterial multi-surface spray.

Another major eco-friendly range is Ecover. I really like the concentrated fabric conditioner in the ‘under the sun’ fragrance. Not only is this a pleasant-smelling, long-lasting product it’s kind to the skin, not tested on animals, and fully biodegradable with no petrochemical ingredients.

What eco-friendly cleaning products do you recommend?

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